Christine Kydd and Ewan McVicar have worked together delivering several projects on Scotland’s traditional arts, particularly in Aberdeenshire, West Lothian, Angus, the Isle of Mull, and the Russian Urals.

Ewan pioneered the Songmaker in Scotland project for the Scottish Arts Council in the 1990s, then created the much-praised Scotland's Songs website for Education Scotland in 2010.

Christine trained with New Makars Trust in the mid nineties in their methods, developing the model to include other traditional art forms and instrument demonstrations where appropriate.

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Recent projects in Highland, Perth/Kinross, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Orkney include ‘On the Hoof’, Horsecross; ‘The Boy’s Ploughing Match’; Strathmore Scots SongBook (2011), ‘Olympic Procession’ (2012); and a five-week, nine-school local history and culture project for The Huntly Rural Cluster (2012). Since 2013 Ceilidhmakers have been contractors delivering YMI projects for Aberdeenshire Council, website outcomes detailed below.

Recordings of new songs, illustrations, researched background material, (largely YMI funded) are at:

Current Ceilidhmakers contracts and project include:

Creative Scotland YMI, Aberdeenshire -
Cateran’s Commonwealth workshops - Storybox
Tay Landscape Partnership -Telling Our Stories -

"Curriculum-enhancing, deeply enriching; Christine cannily blends enormous fun with hard work and trusted the children with ownership of their project…"

Jerry Randalls, Music Support Officer, Angus Council

"It's been a pleasure to see Ceilidhmakers in action, such a privilege to see the children engaging with music and song and to see how they positively blossom, even within the space of an hour."

Susan Whyte, Youth Music Initiative Coordinator, Education & Children's Services, Aberdeenshire Council